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Happy Little Dress

Babes ‘n Beads

Babes ‘n Beads - Crochet Owl hat & leg warmers

Because of recent discussions I felt motivated to write about this rather tacky subject and get all the important information into one post:

hey. i have some cute pictures with adorable children on my blog,you could check it out,maybe you like something.

Hey, of course I can always check out new blogs!
But since I try to only make original posts I barely reblog anything, but I will definitely take a look at your blog (:

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My sweet little boy, I can’t believe you already turned 2 today!
The time with you has been a delight und you never fail to make the people around you smile.
You have a gentle and big heart and an old soul.
With your little hands you always reach out to others to show them your world, find safety or to help.
You love to cuddle, could read books for hours, love animals and the world around you.
You are so thoughtful and sweet and wild and oh so hungry to learn new things and understand them.
You dance whenever you hear music and still dance when the music is long gone.
Your smile lights up a room and you love to laugh at all times.
Soon enough you will be a big brother to two littles and I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing journey and you’re going to love them as much as you love the rest of your family.
I’m grateful to be able to be around you and grateful for the bond we have. Keep growing and exploring you sweet, sweet soul. Your aunt xx

Katharine &amp; Julia ~ Valspring

Katharine & Julia ~ Valspring


Cassie Green Photography


Cassie Green Photography