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~ proud aunt of three absolutely wonderful nephews (2009,2011,2012) <3

Laeitita Maklouf&#160;» The Glow

Laeitita Maklouf » The Glow

Yesterday we had a belated birthday breakfast for Joja who turned 2 last month. It was also the first time I saw the new apartment and with that also his new room.
Since the twins are arriving soon he has a “big boy” bed now which you can turn around when he’s older so he has a bunk bed with plenty room to play under. He was so proud of it that he excitedly showed me how he goes to bed now while smiling widely.
As soon as I had entered the house he smiled at me and wouldn’t stop giggling happily because we hadn’t seen each other in so long.
Of course he insisted on us reading together after breakfast and made all the arrangements by himself before settling down and cuddling close to me. Once we had read plenty of books, his endurance is incredible and he doesn’t fear long stories, we went to his room and he made me sit down to play Lego with him.
Whenever we play his room is a mess, and you might think it’s exasperating (which it kind of is), but he is also the best little helper ever and even though it took us quite a while we managed to clean at least a part of the room together.

As a lover of music he went to his stereo system and turned it on so the CD started playing (he has been doing this since he was 1 or 1 1/2) and went over to me and started showing me the moves to the songs I didn’t know and we made them together when I knew them. It kind of funny, really, he loves music and dancing and sings single words but otherwise isn’t so much of a singer and more of a drummer and pianist.
It’s great how he understands more and more by the day like colours and shapes and complex physical processes and it’s so wonderful to encourage him in his learning process.

I also had the pleasure of having a tea party with him and his teddies and I was blown away by his imagination because even though he had always been creative before this play took it to a whole new level. He is the first nephew who engaged into this kind of imaginary play and it was a joy to watch him make up the whole tea party. He meticulously planned where his teddies should sit, asked for my help when needed, and used his stacking cups as cups and so on. Let me say I’m very tempted to give him real things for imaginary plays but for now it’s just great how he can turn his toys into other things just like that. Let me say I was just ridiculously happy because with three (soon five) nephews I can make a billion different car and crash sounds so this was a welcome change.

Another big change was, that when he hurt himself (he ran against his chair and slightly split his lip) he started crying but didn’t call for my sister and instead walked over to me and let me soothe him which hasn’t been the case before. He is really attached to her and it amazed me to see how independent he is becoming. Whenever my sister came in he looked at her and just waved at her and said ‘bye bye’ before continuing his play and it gives me hope that soon enough we will be able to go out together without her being around, especially when the twins arrive.

I only felt slightly bad because he had missed me so much and when he went down for his afternoon nap (I was about to leave and my sister was in his room) I heard him call my name and it sounded almost desperate so I went back and told him he could go to sleep and that we would see each other again soon enough and it’s crazy how he didn’t want to let go of me and even though it’s kind of natural it still hit me harder than expected. He has such a sweet and soft soul and so much love in him and it just surprises me every time anew and I can’t wait for the adventures that are yet to come!

Jorina Bodelier Fotografie

Jorina Bodelier Fotografie

Molly Guy&#160;» The Glow

Molly Guy » The Glow

Nadine Ferber&#160;» The Glow

Nadine Ferber » The Glow

Merrit Elliott&#160;» The Glow

Merrit Elliott » The Glow

Merrit Elliott - The Glow

Merrit Elliott - The Glow

I often wonder how parents can choose a name before their child is born. More specifically how they can choose only one name because I can’t wrap my mind around the fact how certain they are about their choice.
When I think about having children I always think I have to choose more than one name because what happens if I hold my child in my arms for the first time and the one name I have picked just doesn’t seem right?
I mean, there is this human being you meet for the first time, face to face, and how could you possibly know what their soul looks like before they are born? Picking only one name would terrify me because maybe you look into you child’s eyes and see it’s not the right name and yeah, I definitely wouldn’t want that to happen.