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~ proud aunt of three absolutely wonderful nephews (2009,2011,2012) <3


Before the newborn baby did some baby laundry photos, she pretended to hang from a clothesline!


Before the newborn baby did some baby laundry photos, she pretended to hang from a clothesline!

Bisgaard Shoes

Bisgaard Shoes

I just realized how big my youngest nephew already is because I realized that we aren’t using hand signs anymore.
When he was aroun half a year old I started showing him so essential hand signs so he could communicate with us and now he can tell us what he wants and wow, where has my baby gone?
I’m absolutely not pro teaching babies “sign language” because I believe that their natural need to communicate is essential to start talking but I also learned that a few signs (for drinking, eating and such) can be very helpful when a baby is desperate which was definitely the case with my nephew at times. He started talking pretty soon but not in ways we could understand him. Oh, sometimes I nevertheless miss his cute little gestures!

Erin Drago Photography

Erin Drago Photography

Bret Cole Photography

Bret Cole Photography


We love this editorial (Melanie Rodriguez with Lila&amp;Tom for Papier Mache)


We love this editorial (Melanie Rodriguez with Lila&Tom for Papier Mache)

@organicmommy: I figured that what I wanted to write would be too long for a simple message & I couldn’t inclde links, so why not make a post of it.

First of all here are some links you’ve asked for:




Now let me tell you I could write an essay about children’s development and gender specific toys but I’ll try to cut it a bit shorter.

It’s a fact that gender specific toys will push children into a specific role assigned by society and that way too many parents don’t allow their kids to play with whatever they want to.
I myself consider myself raised “gender neutral” and barely played with dolls but had tons of Legos and Cars and wore boys clothing and rarely ever dresses. I got picked on it for quite some time during my childhood but I grew into a self-confident person who gives a damn what the society says I should be like or do with my life. Today I still like glitter and pink and wear nice dresses because I feel like it just as I wear jeans and a shirt.

On girls being pressured into liking pink things: It’s proven that it will do them more harm than good since it’s conveying them a wrong message about females in our society (see pinkstinks.com) and I personally think you should only buy pink things if your daughter asks for them by herself.

On boys playing with girls toys: I was shocked when I heard my oldest nephew say that he didn’t want a certain shirt because “purple is a girls colour”. He was around 3 at this time and I wondered what went wrong and where he got it from (probably from kindergarten).

My nephews all love doing boys stuff. I play soccer with them, build towers, play with cars but always tell them it’s ok to play with other toys as well.
Whenever I’m with the kids I teach I try to pick gender neutral books and activities and tell the boys it’s ok to like girls stuff as well whenever they’re in doubt.
One thing I learned: At the end of the day they all like the same - racing over the playground together and playing together.

I think most boys and girls will automatically choose “gender typical” activities/toys and there’s nothing wrong with that but we should encourage everything else as well. Whenever I see a boy showing me his favourite doll my heart swoons after all because most of the time those boys are more confident than other kids around them.

And last but not least there are two quotes one should always remember:

"Remember, you don’t owe anybody any explanations, you don’t owe your parents any explanations, you don’t owe your professors any explanations." - Bono

“Don’t waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.” - Paulo Coelho

I hope those thoughts are of help!


On another note (next to the big news), since we all met up at my sisters to celebrate her birthday over breakfast I got to spend time with my youngest nephew again and it was really challenging today since he suffered from a rash after an infection throughout the past days and both he and I were a bit out of it.
He would barely eat his breakfast at first and when he pulled me along to play with him he stood in his room totally absentminded, not quite knowing what to do. I tried to make him feel better and he was asking for a lot of cuddles and assembled his stuffed animals around us and I tried to distract him a little with reading but he was just so indecisive all the time and in a not so good mood and since I didn’t feel so good as well we spent a rather calm time together while I managed to make him giggle a few times.
Seeing him still a little sick and down I felt so sorry for him because he wasn’t his usual bubbly self but I was glad that he let me comfort him after all. With kids you never stop worrying especially when your youngest nephew is sick and your oldest just came back from the hospital. I think those boys will keep me on my feet for a few more years!

After having to wait for so long I can finally announce it (and really, I was imploding here): I’m soon going to be an aunt of 5 little rascals!
And if you did the math and are confused now then I can assure you that no, you haven’t counted wrong - my oldest sister is expecting two little ones!
We’re all beyond excited and a bit nervous as well as our lives are going to be turned upside down with this addition to the family.
Being an aunt is a really great experience and I love my three nephews more than anything and it’s so crazy because within 5 years I will have become an aunt 5 times starting at the age of 15 and no, I wouldn’t want it any other way so let this crazy journey continue!